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Curated Travel Experiences

At ISKRA, we create a spark through striking the right balance between “work” and “life”! 

Our goal is to provide a unique and unforgettable travel experience that goes beyond the typical tourist activities. Not as a tourist but a traveler whose journey is to experience and immerse in the local culture wherever one travels. Travel experiences with ISKRA is where your adventures begin! 

Our team of experts provides a crafted experience to suit every individual’s interests and preferences. These experiences can range from private tours of historical landmarks and cultural hotspots to outdoor adventures and culinary tours domestically and internationally.

Our wide spread network, globally, provides you newer options beyond the typical tourist experience instead provide a more enriching traveller’s experience. 

Contact us to start your journey as a real traveller and pave way to create long lasting memories!! 

Our Strengths

We provide customised travel experience to suit every need – cultural, wellness, adventure etc which provide you the right ingredient to discover yourself. Every requirement is perfectly weaved to ensure customer satisfaction.
"Meeting timelines" is extremely imperative for a seamless and successful event. Our SOPs ensure that the entire team works on a road map with specified responsibilities assigned thus providing a great experience to our clients and attendees.
With over 50+ man years of experience between the 3 founders and a strong network - be it hotels, venues, logistics, artists, ticketing, visas, etc; we are one stop solution for all travel globally. We continue to build a robust network in every sphere of the business.
Being tech savvy in the world of travel is “ normal” and in today’s day and age it’s a “ must have”. Data analytics to gauge customer experiences and develop new products is a focus area at Iskra.

Our Capabilities


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Travel Planning and Booking

To provide a more efficient plan with reasonable pricing for your journey, we have strong relationships with all of our partners worldwide.

Customer Service

Customer service is a combination of personalisation, communication & flexibility. Our team is efficient and knowledgeable to provide solutions for every need of the client.

Industry Knowledge

Our team has an extensive understanding of travel industry & the destination & is updated on the ongoing & upcoming trends.


The infrastructure is in place for us to offer prompt services. By utilising cutting-edge technology, we improve the traveler’s engagement with the place by offering individualised and real-time information.

Customised Itineraries

We customise itineraries based on your needs and spending limit. We create a personalised schedule with a variety of experiences and activities to suit each traveler’s individual preferences and interests.


Our travel planning team is flexible enough to amend the itinerary as needed to accommodate the client’s needs & preferences.


Our team is responsive to client’s questions & concerns and provide timely update on itinerary changes or travel related information.

Prioritizing safety & security

Safety & security is our top priority while planning a curated travel experience. Our team ensures the accommodation & transportation are safe & secure, and providing travelers with information resources to help them stay safe while traveling.